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I only drank water for 2 1/2 days

Why I started fasting

I started fasting simply because I wanted to.

I wanted to do a juice fast in January, but it was exam time and already stressful for my body & soul.

I wanted to fast to give my body a break from all the junk I fed him before.

I wanted to fast because wanted to differentiate between hunger and appetite/cravings, between physic and emotional hunger.

It was not my goals to lose weight, because I know how to lose weight a healthier & easier way.

Why I broke my fast

Originally, I wanted to fast for 14 days. Challenging, I know. But now I broke my fast after 2 1/2 days. And that for different reasons.

  1. On the second evening I started to feel sick, it felt ice I have to throw up.
  2. I missed working out way too much, since I were supposed to give my body some rest and didn’t work out
  3. I felt anxious and numb, even walking was had & exhausting.

For me it’s important to feel good and healthy. Which I didn’t at the end of my fast. I know this could have been detoxing signs or normal signs while fasting, but I didn’t want to torture me.

But I decided to fast again, I don’t know when, but I had some benefits.

What I learned

Food was a huge part of my life before I started fasting. When I was fasting, I realised how much time I usually spend around food.

I also realised that I’m much less hungry than I always thought I am-

I realised how often people in TV shows eat or snack and this doesn’t make me hungry but crave food. Unhealthy food especially.

Not eating also meant not eating when I became emotionally hungry, this helped me to deal with my emotions and not stuff myself instead.

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