My first time…

…Travelling alone 😀

I did it. In December 2018 I booked a flight + accommodation in Dublin, Ireland. The trip was planned for January 8th to January 11th, a week before my exams started. I booked this trip simple for myself, I didn’t plan to travel with someone, neither my boyfriend nor a friend.
I wanted to go all alone.
Travelling alone was a goal of mine for more than a year, but I never had the courage to do it. But then in December, I was in sick at home and saw pictures of Dublin, the city I fell in love with the first time I was there. And I don’t know what came over me but I went on Skyscanner and booked a flight. And a bed in a hostel because I heard that hostels are the best place for solo travellers.
I tried to not think about it during December because every time i got super nervous and anxious about what could happen. But I still decided to go with it because sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zones.

So it was Monday, January 7th, the following night I’d spend on the train to the airport. I think I’ve never been that nervous before. My boyfriend drove me to the train station and my and my backpack entered the trainload the airport. I was super tired but nervous with a sharp mind. Luckily, everything went well with my ticket, passport and security (even though i had some issues concerning my safety razor).
I don’t really remember the plane ride because I was sleeping since I didn’t sleep during the night.

With a little help from a very kind taxi driver, I found my way to the bus, missed the bus and finally took the next one down to the city. 
I couldn’t really believe that I made it to Dublin, that I’m back in the city I was longing for until I went to Phoenix park and let all the impressions really sink in. 

I met a girl on the app Couchsurfing the night before and we planned on meeting. I also texted another girl and we made a date to meet up this evening.
I usually don’t approach people by myself, I’m to shy, but this time I knew if I didn’t talk to people by myself I will be all alone.
So I met with these two girls and then met another boy who was befriended with one of the girls.
We had a lot of fun this night and I came back to my hostel happy and full of love and joy.


I always loved water and being by the sea. So since we couldn’t visit Howth the last time I visited Dublin, I decided to go there this time. I actually planned on meeting one of the girls from the night before but it sadly didn’t work out.
How was… I can’t describe it. I was walking around town, went up the cliffs, sat there for a while. They are no words able to describe how I felt and what I experienced.
Howth is definitely worth a visit and I already want to go back there.

I am my own boss
The next day, I was tired. I didn’t sleep well that night and the weather made me tired even more. I wanted to go somewhere but halfway there I decided to go back to the hostel and take a nap.
That’s what I loved about Travelling alone: I can do whatever I want and stop whenever I want.
If I want to lay in my hostel bed all day it would be okay.
Couchsurfing was the place I met two girls on my first day and on my last evening in Dublin I went to a pub meetup where I met some awesome people and had really good talks.

I don’t know where I’ll go next when I’ll travel again
But I know now that I can do it.
By myself, for myself.
Travelling alone was the best thing I could do for my self-development.

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